Contact Information

Room 1015, No.18 Xueqing Road,  
Haidian District,  Beijing,    P.R. China

Company Information

We develop, produce, install and maintain instruments designed for the Pharmaceutical industry. The main products include: dissolution tester, disintegration tester, tablet hardness tester, thaw tester, tablet friability tester, clarify tester, melting-point tester, thickness tester, transparency tester, bloom viscosity tester, gelatin gel strength system and etc.

Main Products

Dissolution rate tester
Disintegration tester
Tablet friability tester
Table hardness tester
Tablet four-usage tester
Thickness tester
Melting-point tester
Gelatin gel strength test system
Bloom viscosity tester
Transparency tester
Thaw tester
Magnetic stirrer
Clarify tester